The water ripples, swirls and flows

and splashes up to find her toes

a smile invades her face.

The noonday sun, the turquoise sky

stare down at her with open eye

and illuminate her grace.

The playful breeze lifts up her hair

the trees bow down to have a stare

birds circle for a taste.

She wets her lips and turns her head

and winks at me with nothing said

I feel her warm embrace.

While all the world admires

while everyone adores

she is with me

and I love her.


Naught-e cards: Olympic Wet Dreams; or Go for the Goldschlager

In the time honored tradition of the Olympic games, I’m drinking Goldschlager, blindfolded atop a horse, while leaping over a 323 pound 21 year old female who according to some sources is in “perfect physical shape”.

I didn’t make it.